Your Session

Your Session

The first visit is getting to know more about what the issue or issues a person is having. What is causing the problem and how this is best resolved through hypnosis. This would be personally designed for each individual.

A free consultation is offered to discuss your issues and concerns. I work on a sliding scale for those that need this.

Once a hypnosis session is scheduled I offer a free cd to reinforce whatever the session is pertaining to whether it is self esteem, relaxation, weightloss etc. This is given to the client after the hypnosis session. Listening to the cd reinforces a positive change that helps transform a persons life.  The sessions vary in price  from $75 to $120.00 per session.

To Schedule a Session please go to our Contact Us page or phone 503-267-8074.   

Cancellation Policy is 48 hours except in emergencies.