Weight Loss Update


I wanted to let you know that I've lost 13.5 pounds since August 12th and it has been easy peasy.  I didn't start listening to the CD I bought from you on a consistent basis until that date (my appointment with you was July 20th).

I haven't even listened to the other 2 CD's I bought from you because I felt the original CD has been good enough.  And I'm thrilled.  But even more than that, I now feel as if I am starting a new relationship with food–one that I think is a "normal" relationship. My cravings are completely gone, I eat mostly fruits and veggies and, more important, I now know when to stop…at the satisfied level instead of the full to miserable level—and it doesn't even seem to be a conscious decision.  I seem to do it automatically.  My intake of food has probably been cut to a quarter to a third of what I normally ate.  I just had lunch with a friend of mind who has known me for 45 years and knows of all my weight issues all those years.   We went to claim Jumper and I ordered a cheeseburger with fries and a coke.  I consciously ordered something that I would normally eat at a restaurant like that to see what my reaction would be.  It is the first time that I've gone out to a restaurant since I started listened consistently to your CD.  I've been eating fruits and veggies with very little meat and other types of food, following Joel Fuhrman's plan closely although not in a deliberate manner.  When I got my food, I ate one half of the cheeseburger and recognized that I was satisfied with that, however, I consciously made the decision to eat the other half.  And I only ate perhaps a fifth of the fries (and there was a huge pile of fries that filled over half of the plate).  I love French fries and always eat them all and I always leave a clean plate.  The food was good but it was just food, and I just did not want all the fries–they did not appeal to me as they normally would have.  I controlled the food–it did not control me.  This is extremely unusual for me.  .. normally I would have eaten the entire meal and never even noticed that I had eaten it all until I saw that my plate was empty and then would have wanted more—and would have ordered dessert, too.  My friend noticed I had eaten very few of the fries and wondered if they were not good but didn't comment about it until I started telling her about hypnosis.  I gave her your name and told her about where I discovered you and just a few minutes ago while writing this I got an email from her that said she had googled you, found that the Groupon for your $29 package was still available and ordered it for her and her husband.

CJ Duncan

Testimonial For Stop Smoking

Hello Sue-

I wanted to follow up with you on how I have been doing since our last appointment on February 20,2014.  I swear by your hypnotherapy for quitting smoking and weight loose.  I have not had a cigarette, since I left your house on February 20th, 2014.  Before I found you, I tried to quit on my own, I tried the patches, I tried gum and I did not stop.  Your treatment brought awareness to the forefront of my mind.  I no longer go into a convenient store and get anxiety to by a pack of cigarettes because I do not have one. I can be around my friends and family who still choose to smoke and not desire a cigarette.  You help me in so many ways and I just want to say "Thank you" from the bottom of my heart.  I have not gained any weight either and I think that has to do with the weight lose appointment, we had in the same day.  I am continuing to exercise 5 days a week and make healthy eating choices.  I try to refer people to you because I want them to feel good like me, but everyone has to quit when they are ready.  I am so glad you ran your special Groupon.  I have saved so much money.  I hope you are well and continue to do what you are doing, because you are helping to add years to folks lives.

Thank you,

Marjorie M

The Best Thing Ever updated


Going to Sue Wiebe was the best thing I have ever done (other than having my children!)

On July 25, 2013 I attended a Hypnosis session, Sue asked what each person would like to focus on and I said Anxiety, Emotional Eating and Weight Loss.  This is the first time I have ever been hypnotized and it was unbelievable.  She performed her session and when she was done asked us how long we felt she had spoken, I was 15 minutes…well it was 40 minutes.  When I left her home I felt so relaxed inside, I have never felt that way in mhy life; I usually always worried or stressed about something.  The next day I wend back to Sue and purchased all of her CD's to down load so I could listen to her whenever I wanted.

A week after going to Sue for the Hypnosis Session people at work commented about how  calm I was and asked what was going on; so YES it works!!!

Sue said to listen to the CD's for a couple weeks but I actually have listened to them every night.  I used to have a hard time going to sleep; usually took me an hour before I could fall asleep; not anymore I usually fall asleep within 10-15 minutes.  I just turn Sue on and close my eyes and relax and she does the rest.

It has been almost 2 months and I have lost 21 pounds (21.4 to be exact), I am still calm inside (even with getting a new boss after 10 years and possibly losing my job) and it is wonderful.

I can truly say if it was not for going to Sue's hypnosis session I would be so unhappy right now and a lot heavier.

I cannot thank you enought!!!



Dated   February 2014

This is an update from Nancy –  I have now lost 44 pounds and feeling wonderful